Angie (2)

Hi! I’m Angie Scheu, founder of Green Haven Living.

Our company was established in June 2016. The concept for the company arose 4 years earlier out of a strong post-recession desire to live, work, and contribute to the community in a more sustainable way. Green Haven Living was launched as a series of mobile pop-up shops in multiple locations within Central Ohio. We were completely blown away by all the love and support the community has shown us. So, we officially opened our brick-and-mortar storefront in Uptown Westerville, OH in November 2018. Green Haven Living endeavors to bring you an exceptional selection of unique home and gift items. And, we keep sustainability and wildlife conservation at the heart of the values under which we operate. 

Why Westerville? Westerville was the historical seat of the Prohibition Era. Our history is fascinating! Currently, it is regarded as a “City Within a Park” for it’s many public green spaces. Our’s is a picturesque city that is well-known for its strong community mindset. We are home to one of the best liberal arts universities in the nation — Otterbein University. Uptown Westerville is among the most active historic business districts in Central Ohio. We enjoy a fantastic mix of businesses and there’s ALWAYS something to do. As an Uptown Westerville Merchant, what’s not to love?!


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