When it comes to natural deodorant products, I have been searching for one that I am happy with for forever! I have tried natural spray deodorants, crystal deodorants, cream deodorants — you name it — nothing quite worked for me in a way that I was happy with. 

Antiperspirants and deodorants are an entirely personal choice, and I firmly believe that your individual body chemistry and preferences will lead you down the right path. So, I have taken the time to compile some helpful information for you here. At one of my customers’ urging, I have also thoroughly researched (and personally tested!) a natural deodorant product — called DeOdor — from one of our most popular brands in the store, Rinse Bath & Body. Here is my honest feedback.

Um. I’m quite sure I don’t want my underarms to feel frosty…

First, how traditional deodorants and antiperspirants work is important to understand. Deodorants work to prevent odor using agents that mask or eliminate the causes. Antiperspirants work to prevent wetness largely because of aluminum. As of the date of this post, research has not produced many hard conclusions about the long term risks of using aluminum on our bodies. We do know how it works — a chemical reaction takes place inside the sweat duct to literally block the duct, which allows the antiperspirant to prevent sweating. Many are hesitant to use aluminum-based antiperspirants because of the unknown effects over time and because it halts the body’s natural ability to detox in the areas it’s applied. For others, it’s a matter of preference for product ingredients that nourish the skin rather than inhibit its natural function. Interesting fact – did you know that it’s actually the aluminum that causes the yellowish underarm stains in your favorite shirts? Reason enough for me to give it up!

I test everything that is sold at Green Haven Living over several weeks’ (sometimes months’) time, and I stand behind every Rinse Bath & Body product I have stocked. Aside from my take on using DeOdor, I think you have to appreciate what went into producing it.

Consider a more natural, gentle option for deodorant.

DeOdor is formulated as an aluminum- and paraben- free deodorant that has the same solid stick consistency as traditional deodorants do. It doesn’t aim to stop you from sweating, but it does have a drying effect due to a small amount of baking soda and arrowroot powder ingredients. Arrowroot powder is a great ingredient for those with sensitive skin, and baking soda is a natural anti-inflammatory. For odor control, Rinse DeOdor has added a probiotic, which is a mix of beneficial bacteria. The Rugged scent smells like fresh laundry, and the Original scent smells like the spa with its eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender & tea tree essential oil blend. Seriously, the scents are heavenly, but definitely not overwhelming!

Sorry…I couldn’t resist. But, true friends don’t let friends stink!

So, the verdict? It comes in a small tube that works like a push-up pop, but one tube has lasted me just over a month. The push-up pop dispenser took a little getting used to, but I found that if you keep your index finger on it while you are applying — it works just fine. The formula softens once it comes into contact with your skin. I initially worried that it would leave white marks on my tops, but it stayed transparent when I put it on and there is no trace of it in my clothes!  Other products can be over-reliant on baking soda, but there is not enough baking soda in this product to significantly change the PH balance under your arms. So for most people, irritation won’t be a problem. After weeks of using Rinse DeOdor exclusively, it has kept me feeling fresh throughout each day without fail. Despite the 90+ degree temperatures in Central Ohio the last few days, I certainly got hot but was surprised I didn’t sweat nearly as much as I thought I would. It did not cause any irritation or burning when I applied it after shaving, which is a testament to the purity and gentleness of the ingredients. I was really pleased with this product and would urge anyone to give it a shot. 

Soooo…. I am happy to announce that we now stock DeOdor in 3 varieties: Rugged, Original, and Rosemary Mint. As with any deodorant, it will take your body a couple of weeks to adjust, so I would recommend giving it a try for 2 weeks at minimum before you decide whether it’s right for you. Also, you may find a preference for one variety over another…so feel free to try all 3!

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