We returned home from the market last week during a brutal POLAR VORTEX! (Cue: scary music.)

Why couldn’t that cold snap have happened WHILE we were away?! We spent the morning driving around out west in 60+ degrees in this super cute 2019 Volkswagen Beetle – only to return to Ohio with wind chills in the double-digit negatives.

Hey – at least we had a couple of days to glimpse Spring this past weekend. I don’t know about you, but I feel more ready for Spring this year than any other year in the past.

I digress. Forgive me – obviously, I’m not a cold weather person.

Visiting the market this time of year always serves up a HUUUGE dose of inspiration. It might be the desert landscape, the mountains, the glorious Lake Mead, the artistry and culture, the sun…I could go on and on. But, for certain, one of my favorite things about this trip is the fact that the eco-conscious market expands EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Yep – trends come and go – but, it’s quite evident that consumers are starting to recognize that “eco-friendly” isn’t a trend. I’m sure you’ve noticed that products with a lot of natural elements are trendy right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean those products are eco-friendly. Artisans and makers are constantly finding genius ways to manufacture or produce products with less impact to the environment. From the materials to the process, the finishes, the packaging and distribution — change is happening every day because people care about how they are leaving the planet to current and future generations of peeps and creatures that depend on it for survival. It’s amazing to watch the home furnishings and gift industries make this shift, and at Green Haven Living, we are proud to empower those artisans and makers.

At market this year, we shopped 56 vendors from all across the US. As a small eco-friendly retailer, we consider ourselves a humble student of consumer trends, innovations in products, manufacturing, and of course, new opportunities for environmental impact. Though we come to market with our own local perspective, these vendors always have so much to share from a more global viewpoint. And now, we want to share those home and gift trends with you!

Without further ado…here are our Top 5 Trends for 2019:

  1. Sun-soaked – think vibrant colors, beachy themes, and festive serve wares

2. Handwoven – natural fibers, traditional weaves, and patterns

3. Marbled Wood – sustainable marbled mango wood in warm colors

4. Alternative Materials – Think rattan, cork, recycled glass, water vine

5. Unconventional Neutrals – Muted shades of gold, rose, and terracotta

And, there you have it! We will bring you the most gorgeous, eco-conscious home and gift items in 2019. If you like what you see here, let us know about it. And as always, use our contact form if you want to submit a wholesale brand you feel we should carry.

Events are being planned as we speak, including this Saturday’s Uptown Cookie Walk. Keep a frequent eye on our Store Calendar for updates about our special events and activities throughout the year!

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