Has your summer been insanely busy? Isn’t this time of year supposed to be low key?! Does life sometimes feel like a perpetual hamster wheel? Or maybe you’re not all that busy — but you just feel tired.

Summer is the perfect time to carve out some time for ourselves, and there’s no better way than a “Grace Space”. It’s an offline, no plans, simple, just-for-me kind of afternoon…or day…or weekend…or week…whatever you can manage. In fact, we owe it to ourselves to do this every so often! And our minds will thank us for the reset.

Instead of forking out hundreds —sometimes thousands — of dollars to go away on a retreat, just create your own zen at home. Why not have an escape you can enjoy time and time again?

Mark off your calendar. This time is now off limits! Here are 7 great ways to help you make this a reality:

1) What is it that you are needing right now? Is it time with others? Time alone? A very dear colleague once shared that she and her closest friends get together for “Slug Weekend” where everyone stays in their PJ’s and watches movies, vegges out, and otherwise “slugs around”. What a great idea!

2) Nourish yourself. Drink water. Plan ahead of time to prepare a special meal for yourself. Bring in some fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden. Fresh-picked produce from the garden has such vibrant flavor! Or if you prefer to treat yourself to healthy take-out options, then do it! Just make sure it’s food you can feel good about.

3) Your Grace Space can revolve around your spiritual needs. Attend a service, practice a meaningful ritual, sit quietly, read, and deepen your faith. Set your intentions with a prayer box. Allow yourself to be inspired.

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4) Pamper yourself with a spa day. Draw yourself a warm bath and soak up your relaxation. Lightly scent your skin with a bath bomb. Hydrate from head to toe with a silky body oil. And smooth rough patches on hands and feet with a rich, creamy lotion and foot balm. For amazingly soft skin, go all out by slipping on a soft pair of gloves and socks overnight!

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5) Release your stress. Yep, just let go of it! Open a journal and write whatever words come into your mind. There is something soothing about moving the burden of your worries from your mind to the pages of a book. Take a walk in nature. Build resilience and calm through meditation. Light an amazingly scented candle and watch it transform your mood. Listen to music. Don’t judge. Create some space to show yourself a little grace.

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6) Work in a little introspection or entertainment — or both! Stock up on a good novel, how-to, or self-development book, a good movie, or some magazines that interest you. If you are a creative soul, why not use this perfect time to paint, sketch, crochet, bake, or scrapbook those old photos while you enjoy a trip down memory lane?

6) Express your gratitude. Thank you cards don’t have to be just for others. Write a note to yourself to serve as a reminder of what you love about yourself on days where you might need some (or a lot!) encouragement. Maybe there are words of appreciation and gratitude those you love really need to hear. Tell them exactly why they mean so much to you. Imagine the expressions on their faces when they receive your cards!

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7) Choose a guilty pleasure. Whether you happen to be a wine connoisseur or more of a beer fan, unwind with a glass or two! Or if you are so inclined, why not indulge in dessert or a piece of chocolate? Or — all four!!! (Shhh! We did NOT just say that!)

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The true purpose of a Grace Space is to just focus on and enjoy the moment. Don’t worry about what’s next on the to-do list. Just take time to pay attention to yourself, and if you’re enjoying it with others — this is quality time together that you’ll always remember! There’s nothing more important and valuable than that.


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