Last year, I spent a lot of time in the handmade gift section of a wholesale market. The purpose was to find the creme de la creme of eco-conscious gifts that offered differentiation from the mass-produced alternatives currently found elsewhere. Honestly, it’s not always easy to find both eco-conscious and highly unique.

Nevertheless, I prevailed! I found myself wandering into this visually stunning booth after catching a sweet citrus-y aroma. There were a number of others standing there just as curious as I was. I caught the eye of a woman with blond hair as she excused herself from another conversation. She walked over and with her super-polite Southern accent, asked, “May I offer you a hand massage?” I shrugged “Sure. Why not?” as I was wondering how hand massages have anything to do with candles.

I came to find that I was meeting and chatting with Kara Sherritt, founder of Creative Energy Candles, who developed a very different take on a candle.

From a very young age, Kara was fascinated with candle wax and would often be scolded for dipping her fingers in it. That fascination never disappeared through adulthood and eventually became a passion for her. Kara’s creativity took over as she began thinking of ways it might be possible to create a candle that was also nourishing to your skin (dippers rejoice!).


Ever the purist, it was important to Kara that the candle recipes included natural, organic ingredients. She experimented with those recipes, and Creative Energy Candles was born. These are candles that contain only the most nourishing skin-loving ingredients, such as organic soybean and coconut oils. Rest assured that you will not find traditional paraffin-based candles here! Nope. Even her fragrances are all-natural.


Okay, back to the hand massage for a sec. I’m embarrassed to admit that attending this market in the dead of winter meant that my hands looked like crocodile skin. What I enjoyed the most is the lasting, hydrating effect the oil from the candles produced without being greasy. The scent was very light, and let’s face it, Folks — I was sold.

And now, for my shameless plug! Creative Energy Candles will be sold at Green Haven Living. The candles come in various scents and make unique, versatile gifts for just about any occasion. And they certainly won’t break your gift budget!

Wondering how you might be able to purchase one from our eco-boutique? Wait until you read next month’s post! You just might find out!

Stay tuned!



Note about this post: Photography Images © Joshua Aaron Photography.

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