We’re back! Our Winter Market was intense, but successful. We searched high and low to find an amazing assortment of eco-friendly products not offered in our area. And we, by no means, left empty-handed!

Our plans for 2018 are shaping up beautifully. We are so excited to bring this to you.

A beautiful new relationship was forged with another family-owned and operated furniture maker. This family and their company leaves no stone unturned. Environmental considerations are a cornerstone of every facet of their operations and product. From recycled packaging right down to the design and finish of a piece, the details (and the people behind them) are what’s important.

We had the chance to speak at length with the matriarch of the company who provided us quick, yet thoughtful answers all the way through our vetting process. She and a member of her sales team left us with the impression that our companies are every bit aligned in what we value. We are very excited to begin working with them.

We met with many, many vendors this year — many of them are those who we know and have become trusted friends with over the last few years. Their excitement about their new products for the year is contagious! And it is with good reason, as these people are innovators, problem solvers, and artisans. They never cease to amaze me with their creativity and the passion they bring to their work.

Expect to see highly durable and trendy items for every room of your home — your kitchen, your living room, your bedrooms and baths! Great care has been taken to find products with renewable materials (where possible, produced with renewable energy sources). Many of these items are made of a recycled material or a discarded product in its next iteration.

And finally, a small preview (😉) of our gift and accessory finds at the market. This includes our bath and body collections. But first, my disclaimer: there are tons of people claiming to make natural products out there. As someone with dry, highly allergy-prone skin, I have gotten pretty skilled at “reading between the lines” on the labels. The products we’ve chosen are selected for their plant-based ingredients, including the fragrances used. Only the most nourishing, hydrating, and wholesome products have been chosen for our customers. Let’s point out the fact that we have chosen companies who are highly transparent about their products. Did I also mention I have personally tried every bath and body collection we offer?

Our gift and accessories also include jewelry, stationery, candles, art, books, and the list goes on of everything else we’ve been blessed to find!

hile we contentedly recover from jet lag this weekend, I am left with one thought. We need to secure the right storefront for Green Haven Living LLC. This has been our biggest challenge so far. I want to ask you, our support network, to please collectively send up a prayer, a wish, a good vibe that we find our new home at the right time and in the right location. Maybe, just maybe, there is strength in numbers.

The Scheu Family is so excited AND READY to bring this remarkable retail brand to you. 2018 has to be THE year!

With gratitude,


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