Most of us think of August as the unofficial last month of Summer. A time when the kiddo’s head back to school, new routines kick into gear, and the evenings are jam packed with sports and academic functions galore. It’s easy for those of us “adulting” day-after-day to grieve the end of the slower, laid-back days of Summer. Am I right?!
Read on for 10 great ways to embrace the good life right now. It’s not too late to enjoy what’s left of the season.

1. Sunday Dinner. Involve your whole family in planning a special Sunday dinner. Each person gets a job. Take your time and focus on the quality of conversation while you fix and enjoy your meal.

2. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane. Get that shoebox of old pictures out and make it a point to label each with names and dates on the back. Or take a drive through your old neighborhood.

3. A Drink on the Porch. Go ahead! Brew some iced tea or pour some wine. Sit on the porch or patio…maybe even watch a storm (as long as it can be done safely, of course).

4. Watch the Clouds / Sunrise / Sunset. Lay down on a blanket and try not to close your eyes!

5. Dedicate an afternoon to your favorite hobby. It’s okay to find a sitter for some alone time if you need it.

6. Day Trip. From Central Ohio, it’s a short trip to such destinations as: Hueston Woods, Roscoe Village, Clifton Mill, Yellow Springs, Milan, Malabar Farm, Old Man’s Cave, etc.

7. Backyard Camping. Put up a tent, a portable grill, and bring some great campsite stories. Don’t forget the hot dogs, pie irons, and s’mores.

8. A Date with a Book and a Blanket. In the back yard or under a tree at the park…

9. Park Explorers. Give each kiddo a sheet of paper and have them write down or draw their observations at the park. You can sit back and take in the scenery.

10. Visit Someone You Love. They’ll be thankful, and you’ll never regret the time well spent.

More important than checking off the to-do’s is the quality time and memories with those you love! So, enjoy it!

See you in the Fall!


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